We accompany our partners step by step in the success of their projects thanks to our technical expertise and our innovative methodology. Our project support is based on 3 levels of service to ensure the success of all.


Our best consulting talents are available to our partners to meet their specific needs or to provide their complementary expertise.

Our expert engineering consultants are on hand to help solve the most complex technical problems. From risk analysis, recommendations for process improvements or assistance in completing a specific project, our technical support service is there to meet all needs.

We are there to work with our partners in Belgium at every stage, offering flexibility to increase or decrease resources as needed. Our mission? Minimise risk, maximise results.

Contact us today to find out how our consultants can help you succeed with your engineering projects, in this technological jungle.


BELGATECH deploys a team of experienced consultants, under the supervision of a dedicated project manager, to co-construct complex projects with our partners.

The service centre is there for our customers who want to improve their industrial efficiency while reducing the costs associated with support services. As engineering consultancy specialists, we offer service centres, also known as centres of excellence or competence centres, to provide you with a range of high quality technical or operational support services.

Workpackage Service

Taking charge of a project from conception to market, respecting the demands and commitments.

Workpackage is a service that allows our partners to entrust the complete management of a project to our team of experts. We take care of all the tasks related to the project, from planning to implementation, including monitoring and cost control.

Our personalized approach allows us to adapt to the needs of each partner by designing tailor-made work packages.

The work package is an ideal solution for clients who wish to outsource the management of a project and focus on their core business.

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