Who are we ?

Welcome to the world of technological exploration with BELGATECH, the brand of the Abylsen Group dedicated to engineering consulting in Belgium.

At BELGATECH, our motto “Free to Explore” guides each of our steps as we constantly venture into the unknown to discover innovative and personalized solutions for the needs of our partners, who are leaders in various sectors including aerospace, automotive, railway, energy, and heavy industry.

Backed by the expertise of Belgatech engineering services and the international reputation of Abylsen Group, our team of passionate technology experts continuously explores new horizons to offer you consulting, development, integration, deployment, and maintenance services for your solutions. Contact us today to explore how we can help your business thrive in the fast-paced world of technology.


At BELGATECH, we strongly believe that engineering professions play a crucial role in shaping the future. We take great pride in offering our expertise to serve our partners in the major sectors of the industry. Our team of skilled engineers collaborate with innovative companies to lead ambitious projects that have a positive impact on our world.

Our goal is to contribute to a more humane, optimistic, and responsible future. Contact us today to explore how our engineering consulting services can help you make a difference in the world.


At BELGATECH, we strongly believe that innovation is not centralized, but rather emerges from local realities and cultural specificities. Therefore, we understand the importance of having a strong local presence to better understand the needs and realities of each city and to provide innovative products and services that meet our clients’ requirements.

Our passionate team of engineers and experts is present in 5 cities at the heart of Belgium: Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Liege, and Wavre. This local presence enables us to offer customized solutions that are adapted to the local context and to provide efficient and effective engineering consulting services to our clients.

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The best ideas do not always originate in a boardroom. Intuition is a sensitivity that must be cultivated and can lead us down unexpected paths. To bring great ideas to fruition, it is important to follow multiple paths and give our inspirations the necessary momentum and resonance they deserve. To realize our potential for innovation at BELGATECH, we must infuse all of our projects with a touch of audacity.


The road to success is not always straightforward, especially in industries such as tech and innovation. At BELGATECH, we encourage exploration and curiosity, because it is often by venturing off the beaten path that we make the most interesting discoveries. We must dare to push our limits, driven by passion. Each iteration is an opportunity to learn and grow, until we reach the path of efficiency and excellence.


At BELGATECH, our method is based on freedom. We believe that each collaborator must feel empowered and have the necessary space to give their best and flourish. We encourage audacity and experimentation to constantly provide ingenious, creative, and value-generating solutions. We are convinced that this freedom will allow each person to realize their full potential.


Together, we believe that collective intelligence allows us to make greater progress. Each person brings their unique contribution to the table and thus contributes to the richness of our community. Thanks to the diversity of our cultures, talents, and expertise, we can build a solid ecosystem for BELGATECH, our collaborators, and our partners. By encouraging co-creation, exchange, and transparency, we can build a virtuous and sustainable work environment that benefits everyone.



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